17/07/2024 4:00 PM


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Indulge in a home spa experience with 10 fabulous Israeli products

Among the many things that Covid-19 has absolutely ruined is the concept of a good spa day. Gone (for now, at least) are the days of hot saunas, being wrapped up in seaweed or gold leaf and having hot oil dripped on your forehead to the soothing sound of whales.

Instead, we’re having to make do with what at a stretch could be called at-home spa experiences that usually involve little more than treating our flaky legs to much-needed moisture and slapping on some undereye cream to banish those dark circles.

Which is why it’s high time to step things up, light a candle and lock your family outside that bathroom door while you take all the time you can to treat yourself to a little goodness and attention.

Here are our top recommendations for Israeli products that will help you do just that – no makeup included, because it’s not as if we’re wearing any these days. Whale soundtrack optional.

  1. Massage candle, Laline

Massage candle. Photo: screenshot/Laline.com

As nice as that glow in the tub corner is, we’d recommend opting for a candle that does a little something extra. Laline’s massage candle not only bathes your bathroom in a more romantic light and smells delicious, but also has wax made of shea, cocoa and coconut oil that melts into a wonderfully warm substance that you can schmear all over yourself. Multitasking never felt better.

  1. Bath salt, Sabon

Lavender scented bath salt. Photo: screenshot/Sabon NYC

When was the last time you had a good soak? With the door firmly locked, step into a tub filled with lavender-scented salt and enjoy the gorgeous aromas and the Dead Sea salt working its magic on your skin. If you’d like to amp up the spa experience, have a refreshing drink at hand and perhaps even a good book. So what if the rest of the household needs to pee.

  1. Body scrub, Sabon

Sabon body scrub. Photo: screenshot/Sabon NYC)

Give the aforementioned flaky skin a good scrub to instantly lift your mood and leave you feeling all smooth and fresh. Alternatively, you could gift it to your significant other – you know, the one who’s been scratching you in bed with their dry heels for all of lockdown. The scrub comes in a delicious array of scents for both men and women, so really, there’s no excuse for that anymore.

  1. Hair mask, ecoLove

Utilize the time spent soaking in the tub to treat your hair with a deep conditioning hair mask. Israeli green brand ecoLove offers one that has carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato extracts and is vegan, organic and cruelty-free. Just let it sit for a while before rinsing it off and enjoying fabulously soft hair that you should absolutely not scrunch up in a stay-at-home bun.

  1. Purifying facial mask, Lavido

The stress, the comfort eating and wearing a mask all day (the Covid ones, not the ones on this list!) are all wreaking havoc on our skin. Which is why it could be a good idea to treat yourself to a nice purifying facial mask. This one, from natural face and body care company Lavido, can be used as both a face mask and an exfoliator and contains pomegranate peels and seeds as well as organic essential oils and promises to leave you with clear and hydrated skin.

  1. Breakout control kit, Kamedis

Breakout control kit. Photo: screenshot/Kamedis

Somewhat more of a necessity than an indulgence, a breakout control kit could be exactly what’s missing from your bathroom shelf. This one by Kamedis includes a face cleanser, face cream, spot treatment and mask sheet that together treat oily skin, acne and pimples. Because hopefully it’s not too early to plan our confident return back to civilization.

  1. Body butter, Dr. Fischer

This may be one of the most hardworking items on our list. Dr. Fischer is a household name in Israel whose products are used on a daily basis by all ages. This body butter is another stellar component. Enhanced with shea, olive oil and vitamins C and E, it promises to smooth your skin and leave it silky soft. If you’re being nice, you could also share it with your adolescent offspring.

  1. Body souffle, Laline

Body souffle in Ocean. Photo: screenshot/Laline

For a truly indulgent at-home spa moment, considering slathering yourself with this body souffle from Laline. It’s wonderfully soft, smells divine (especially in Ocean) and leaves you feeling all spoiled and pampered. Do not share with your adolescent offspring. In fact, hide it in a drawer.

  1. Mineral body lotion, Ahava

No list of Israeli pampering products would ever be complete without Ahava, and for good reason. The company’s expansive range of creams and lotions are world-famous for their terrific results, and their mineral body lotion is no exception. It’s slightly pricy but does come in a huge bottle that should last you until Covid health regulations become a thing of the past.

  1. Fabric mist, Sabon

Fabric mist. Photo: screenshot/Sabon NYC

Do not ruin your whole spa experience with a towel (and robe, you must have a robe) that smells like detergent. Instead, spritz your covering of choice with this fabric mist from Sabon to enjoy another few moments of luxury. Even better would be to lightly mist your bedsheets for a little post-spa nap, but who are we kidding, the kids definitely need to be back in school for that to happen. Something to look forward to indeed.