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Beauty and spa trends to look out for in 2021 according to experts

Think self-care, minimal beauty, clean beauty and more for 2021!

Beauty and spa trends to look out for in 2021 according to experts from the field

As the world nervously steps into 2021, after what has been a roller coaster 2020 some beauty and wellness trends have completely turned on their heads, paving way for new priorities. Here”s what you ought to look out for this year.

Skinamilism – Think high-performance ingredients
Minimal products in skincare and fundamental skincare will be high on priority during 2021 around the world. With stressed pockets and socio-economic conditions, skin needs would be prioritized around feeling good, indulgence and high-performance ingredients. Thus Squalene, Niacinamide, Vitamin F etc are going to trend further because they help restore complete skin health.

Botox will give way to beauty tools during 2021 – Think Kansa, Dry Brushing, Gua Sha
Metallic face tools made of Kansa, an alloy of copper, zinc and bronze or simply Jade rollers or Gua sha coins, became highly popular face tools for lymphatic drainage, facial muscle toning and training. These beauty tools became an effective anti ageing weapon for women asides botox. Dry brushing too gained popularity for its ability to combat cellulite in the body effectively and naturally.

Self-care is an essential date- Think at-home spa and massage candles
After having spent so much time with themselves, people have started liking their own company. Beauty and wellness products have to therefore aid to this newfound passion of the classes and masses- self-love. Products that help make me-time more nurturing would be preferred. Case in point massage candles that can also give aromatherapy, or beauty tools that can help tone facial muscles while listening to soothing music or the popular sheet masks, notorious for letting you multi-task. It also led to the advancement of face yoga, body massage.

DIY Spa and salon products – Think wax sheets and facial kits
Bead waxes, razors, home facials, body masks etc gained popularity as women are searching for ways to pamper and groom themselves at home.


Essentially all trends further point at one larger goal that is emerging for both the consumers and the brands and that is – it is all about feeling beautiful inside first.

About the author: Aishwarya Sawarna Nir, Founder, Global Beauty Secrets.

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