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Can married couples work together?

Married couples find it extremely difficult to strike a balance when they work at the same place. Here are ways you can strengthen your bond.

The advantages of married couples working together often go unnoticed, since many assume it is a bad idea for couples to work in the same office. Says Dr Sanjoy Mukerji, marriage counsellor, “Usually, it increases the complexity of potential issues in your relationship and eliminates the chances to cool down after spats. It may even, on a professional level, create conflicts of interest in certain situations — especially if the two of you work in the same department or if one is the superior of the other.” Keeping your personal feelings and situations separate from work often becomes a challenge. It can be very tricky navigating back and forth from the spousal relationship to the professional one.

However, in spite of these conflicts, there are many couples who successfully work together and share the same passion and complement each other well. Though you cannot tend to overlook the cons of working together, there are ways you can maintain peace and harmony at work and not bring it back home with you.

Do not interfere in each other’s work
Just because you are married that does not entitle you to always know what your spouse is doing, especially in office. For example, if your partner has a problem with a co-worker, just stay out of that. You do not have to offer advice either to your wife/husband or the co-worker. Let him/her handle the situation.

Give some space
Space is crucial in every relationship. It’s more like a time-off that you take from one another that helps you bond better. When you work together, you are bound to have the same set of colleagues, so it is advisable for you to make new friends from other departments too, who you can hang out with during the lunch break. Not only is it good for you career-wise; it will also nurture professional relationships with others. You don’t ideally have to do everything together. Avoid forming your exclusive ‘spouse society’!

Keep personal issues at bay
If you’d had a fight at home, try not to bring it to work. Also, refrain from discussing about your fights or arguments with your colleagues. Since both of you work at the same place, it can hamper your spouse’s image at work.

Be professional

When at work, do not indulge in personal talks about family or otherwise. Also, it is equally important to maintain a professional and courteous tone with your spouse at work. Do not indulge in emotional reactions or even PDA. Further, save the pet names for after hours!

If you and your spouse co-own a business…
Owning a business together is like raising a child. In addition to moments of happiness, joy and pride — there will be long hours, trying times and instances where you won’t agree with each other.

– It is important to communicate well with your spouse. There will be times when you won’t agree with each other on something, but it is essential to talk to your partner with respect and listen to him/her properly.

– Even though you might not share the same opinion, support his/her decision. It is better to present a united stand, when in front of others. You can always discuss the issue, later in private.

– Remember that your employees are always observing both of you. Any personal conflicts at work might be blown out of proportion by your employees and both of you are likely to become the object of gossip.

– No matter the work load, make plans and spend some time alone. Try not to indulge in professional talks. This will help strengthen your relationship.