Sustainable Women’s Fashion and Manufacturing: The Rise of the New Trend

Sustainable Women’s Fashion and Manufacturing: The Rise of the New Trend

The industry has to now identify whatever the problems are there in the world of throw away fashion, in this scenario UK politicians have also called on the government for alterations in the law that is extremely required for and by the fashion retailers in order to comply with the standards of environmental as well as social wellbeing. There has been a lot of recommendations that have been sent by UK EAC, ASA list where need of the fashion brands in order to adopt the practices which are sustainable in nature is advocated.

Let us discuss what are the reasons why this trend that is fashion that is sustainable in nature is being preferred by more and more people these days.

Main Nature of Sustainable Fashion is it is Stylish and it has Longevity

In case if whatever we buy, the fashion items offered by the ladies clothing manufacturer are more sustainable in nature, then more and more consumers would be interested as well as encouraged to spend much lesser amount of money and buy fewer number of clothes. If the fashion choices are cheaper in nature then it will allow more and more people to follow the latest trends even more. However it also means that cheaper clothes might pertain to a quality that is lower in type. The new business model of the fashion industry that follows providing fast fashion by manufacturing garments which are low in quality and are cheap in price result in a huge amount of damage to the environment, even if that upgrades and beautifies our wardrobes and our physical appearance.

The Increase of Garment Life Time

One of the most impactful methods in order to reduce environmental footprint of the local fashion industry as well as the International clothing manufacturers is to elevate and increase the lifetime of the garments. The Clothing Sustainability Research Group at Nottingham Trent University has provided a report that suggest that all the garments should be so designed that they last longer and for that the fashion industry must slowly alter its ways into inculcating practices of having designs which will be having positive impact on how these items would be worn for a longer time and their variability remains the same over a longer period of time.

If the people become more conscious about the extension of the life span of their garments then it would noticeably be responsible for the reduction of carbon, waste as well as water foot print by a whopping 20 to 30% each. Many new fashion brands are launching sustainable wear and the old brand names are creating new fashion lines for their sustainable clothing.

SomeSchemes for GarmentRecovery as well as Upcycled Clothes Market

The trends of fashion are ever changing in nature and that is the reason they encourage overconsumption as well as results into the generation of excessive waste that comes from unused clothing.

The scary news is that the fashion industry individually is responsible for water pollution of the whole world by 20%. More than any other country in Europe, the UK buys clothes which costs up to millions for items of clothing, which results into a landfill each year. A recent research conducted by Oxfam has revealed that new clothes which are brought in this country are responsible for the emission of carbon much more in the basis of each minute in comparison to driving a car all around the whole world, 6 times over.

Fast fashion friend of the Manufacture Clothing lines have allowed the customers with the luxury to enjoy the happiness of experimenting with different kinds of styles and trends but it has alsoaffected the culture of single use purchases that are depending on each occasion or people are now more inclined towear latest looks only and discard their old garments.

Such trends need to stop immediately and that is the reason we have to look for sustainable fashion in sustainable clothes which would be able to survive the market trends for a longer period of time.