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Letters to the Editor: June 2, 2022 | Your Viewpoint

Playground math

Expensive Editor,

As a rebuttal to Barbara Christian’s short article “What else could (or should really) you acquire for $600K?” in the May 19 concern of the Chagrin Valley Periods, I present the adhering to:

My 7-calendar year-previous daughter loves the Riverside Park Playground and will expand up with priceless memories playing there. I fully grasp the desire to position a benefit on this playground presented the proposed $600,000 update, but comparing the $600,000 price tag tag to a $190,000 luxurious motor vehicle, a $400,000 one-loved ones dwelling, or even a $200,000 diamond ring is not a appropriate comparison.

There are about 8,000 people today that dwell in Chagrin Falls and South Russell.

That quantity grows to 25,000 if you involve the encompassing townships, but to be conservative let us just stick with the lesser number.

Provided the luxurious motor vehicle example, this would entitle each individual human being to push the vehicle for about just one hour just about every calendar year (given that there are 8,760 several hours for every yr and assuming the car could take care of that significantly driving).

I’ll spare you the math of making an attempt to in good shape 8,000 people into a solitary-family members property.

A sharable public superior this kind of as a playground just can’t be when compared to an unique use merchandise like a motor vehicle.

Therefore, the valuation should be carried out on a for each-capita foundation. Presented the latest census details, the Chagrin Falls and South Russell population of 8,000 (22 p.c less than 18 yrs of age) dwell in 3,620 properties and have a blended domestic revenue of $390 million for each yr.

So, let’s do some simple accounting.

To start with, let us amortize the price tag of the new $600,000 playground throughout 10 many years, which is a conservative estimate of the valuable life of the playground. This offers us $60,000 per year.

Now, let’s divide that by the overall house profits of $390 million, which give us .02 percent.

This means that for every $100 of household money, two pennies would go towards the new playground. This would insert up to just $16.57 for every 12 months for each residence.

Most households in this group are extremely fortuitous, as reflected by the appreciably greater domestic money than the nationwide ordinary.

This is also evidenced by the already quite a few luxury vehicles driving up and down North Primary Avenue.

Having said that, there is only a person playground and the expenditure of $600,000 to update it appears to be very small relative to the in general wealth of this industrious community.

Erol Aspromatis

Chagrin Falls

To start with Responder party thank you

Dear Editor,

Bob and I would like to choose this minute to sincerely thank all the outstanding volunteer who labored so hard to help us honor our Initially Responders from the Chagrin Valley Fire Department, Chagrin Falls, and the South Russell Law enforcement Departments on Might 22 with a public evening meal for about 80 Very first Responders and their households.

Rev. Hamilton Throckmorton of The Federated Church gave the blessing.

We also want to thank the numerous enterprises that donated food, which include: Augie’s, The Hungry Bee, The Sleepy Rooster, Heinen’s, Yours Really, 17 River Grill, The Popcorn Store, Mazzulo’s,

M Italian, and Cibiks Dairy Island all generously contributed to the “picnic” supper as nicely as quite a few volunteer cooks who shared their specific recipes of baked beans, pulled pork, mac and cheese, Cole slaw, cookies, and cake donations.

College students and lecturers from Gurney Elementary designed incredible artwork and built customized thank you notes to all of the To start with Responders.

The Responders them selves arrived with appetites and were prepared to compete in the firt-ever Corn Gap Event between the fireplace and police departments for bragging rites – and also to get the formal “Lifesaver” trophy, which was introduced to the hearth division in this inaugural yr.

To all of our 24/7/365 teams of heroes, we salute you and we thank you for trying to keep us safe and sound and secured.

Jo and Bob Royer

South Russell

Mr. Hancock really should test studying the Bible

Pricey Editor,

I was intrigued to study in a new letter entitled “A perspicacious perspective” that Mr. Hancock, of Chesterland, could divine the Word of God and His resourceful intent for his seemingly unique perception into the hearts, minds and motivations of “self-respecting females.”

Evidently, per Mr. Hancock’s interpretation, the Bible promotes “hatred of women of all ages,” is “not professional-little one,” and permeates with “threats to get rid of children.”

Possibly Mr. Hancock neglected to go through the guides of Ruth or Esther or the tale of the woman at the nicely.

As to the treatment method of children, Mr. Hancock may have missed the adhering to [and more]: Jesus compassion for youngsters and the Psalms insight that “children are a heritage from the Lord” and are “knit alongside one another in the womb.”

For that issue, I was shocked to master from Mr. Hancock that women of religion are blind to his interpretation of Scripture and fail to identify that “hatred of women” gas anti-abortion motivations. These insights have to have escaped Mom Teresa, women of all ages supporting the Susan B. Anthony record, and millions of others.

With that in head, I’m pondering if Mr. Hancock might further enlighten us on a somewhat unique subject: what basis are we ready to figure out the variance amongst ideal and improper?

Ironically, in today’s age exactly where some query how to outline “woman,” Mr. Hancock’s most fundamental assumption will come from the Bible – men and women of all ages are different and only the latter maintain the unique job of childbirth.

At the very least that a lot we have in common.

Chad Bentz

Chagrin Falls

Wake up, The us

Pricey Editor,

Wake up, The usa!

You are frequently witnessing your little ones becoming gunned down although they attend university, and your fellow citizens currently being killed when they store and attend religious companies.

Go through that sentence once again.

And what has been the reaction from our Democratic and Republican “leaders” in Columbus and in Washington D.C.?

It is to loosen present-day gun regulations, disagree on the rationale behind these mass shootings, and hide from reporters for a few days?

I am persuaded that the divide involving the Democratic and Republican parties has doomed the United States to currently being unable to attain nearly anything of compound. Our “leaders” are not able to agree on a way to address:

1.) A entire world-extensive pandemic

2.) The U.S. Capitol currently being physically attacked and occupied, and

3.) Gun violence.

We could have a equivalent reaction and conserve a large amount of funds if we kicked out all of the political “leaders” and turned their duties more than to the people of the zoo’s monkey island. (No offense to the monkeys.)

The concerns are intricate and there is not an uncomplicated solution, but is there no place for compromise in between the two political events in addressing the challenge?

Is this the region you want to dwell in?

Is the political ‘leadership’ conference your anticipations? Our “leadership” is counting on your apathy. You should vote. Please let your political “leaders” know where you stand on these concerns. And be sure to pray for our state.

John O’Donnell

Chagrin Falls

Popular in California

Dear Editor,

When looking through the April 28 letter from Chagrin Falls Township trustees about Kathy Watterson’s back garden, I experienced to write as properly.

It is no question that Kathy was a legend in Chagrin Falls, but she is also perfectly acknowledged in California.

I was the other fifty percent of the “Dynamic Duo” of Riverside Park.

We began the cleanse-up and restoration of Riverside Park at a time when the Chagrin Township council experienced no funding for park restoration.

I once blurted out in a council meeting, “I’ll cleanse it up.”

At that assembly, Kathy tapped me on the again and whispered, “I’ll support you.”

And like that, a new, excellent friendship commenced.

In the later 1970s, I returned to do the job as a geriatric nurse below in California.

At story time in the elder-care facility, I frequently talked about Chagrin Falls, Kathy and Riverside Park.

Throughout my 42 several years on the career, many individuals heard about my mate and fellow gardener, Kathy Watterson.

Kathy definitely belongs to Chagrin Falls, but she is also famous in Los Altos, Cali. and she will permanently live in my coronary heart.

Barbara D. Emerling

Los Altos, California

When fantastic individuals do undesirable matters

Pricey Editor,

Dennis Prager the radio discuss demonstrate host and creator has published about what comes about “when great persons do bad matters.”

Good intentions trigger most of the world’s excellent evils. You may uncover this confusing so here’s a personalized case in point.

There is a girl I’ve recognised most of my everyday living who is a retired professor from the College of Minnesota, Minn.

As a younger woman in college or university, she had no curiosity in economics therefore blocking it from her thoughts.

As an alternative, her fantastic intentions and sort coronary heart offered a eyesight to prosperity by generating equality of final result for all, guided by big authorities way and manage.

The issue of study course, is the plain historic specifics are not on her aspect.

The pointed out philosopher and scholar George Santayana once observed “those who do not keep in mind the earlier are condemned to repeat it.”

A examine of daily life in communist nations tell the story where these governments have murdered lots of tens of millions of their possess people.

Publications by many twentieth century authors portray a modern society with the most up-to-date technology that is perverted in one particular route or another.

In George Orwell’s “1984,” conformity is demanded as Significant Brother is seeing.

In “Logan’s Run,” no just one is allowed to reside past the age of thirty.

Other novels along these lines are “Animal Fams” and “Brave New World.”

And currently are not we viewing signals of political forces operating to go us in these directions?

I was in product sales and gross sales-relevant operate my overall carrier – as were my father and grandfather.

As this sort of, I realize the third entity of reward to equally purchaser and vendor made by a sale.

This was brought to gentle in the eighteenth century by Adam Smith, acknowledged as the father of economics.

From the beginning, our govt has authorized free market place capitalism to operate its magic, building us total the most totally free and affluent nation on earth.

John Mallen


Exactly where there is smoke, there is fire (and also pollutants, harmful toxins, and so forth.)


Any of you folks recall the movie “Fahrenheit 451” in which hearth departments no longer set out fires, but in its place choose on the occupation of burning textbooks? Looks they had misplaced their way.

Very well, it appears to be some fireplace departs nowadays have dropped their way and have neglected what they ended up designed to do. If requested, most citizens would inform you that the hearth department’s goal is to conserve life and property.

Having said that, some area hearth departments look to feel their main intention is receiving levies handed so they can obtain fancy and high priced toys that they definitely never will need and won’t outcome in a much better job of saving lives and assets.

Permit me give you an illustration.

The Ohio Fire Code, which hearth department staff are obliged to implement, references the open burning laws of the Ohio Environmental Security Company.

Is open up burning hazardous to citizens? You wager. Dioxin is just one of the most potent cancer-creating brokers recognized and the major resource of it in the atmosphere is from people burning numerous pieces of trash.

In addition to causing condition, open up burning is extremely harmful to people with different present lung circumstances together with asthma and emphysema.

An Amish male just to the west of me died not extensive ago from an bronchial asthma attack. One more neighbor with a major lung problem experienced to move out of the region because of significant aggravation from smoke, other air pollutants, and trash burning in Parkman Township.

Fire staff in Parkman and many other townships appear to be quite hesitant to implement these open burning polices.

Pretty much all open burning is prohibited in Parkman Township. I’ve notified the fireplace section on numerous events of these violations. Commonly, they notify “open burners” that their unlawful fireplace is legal and even if it obviously violates the regulation, they inform them to enable it melt away down – leaving it to carry on to pollute the air till it self-extinguishes.

I’ve provided EPA pamphlets to the hearth division detailing the restrictions that they can go out to folks, but they have refused.

One particular fireplace department member told me “they will only just toss it in the fire.”

A short while ago, the Parkman Township fireplace section posted a therapeutic massage on their big sign in entrance of the fire station, extremely seen from route 42 proclaiming “Burn ban in effect among 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. till June 1.”

If you ended up a citizen studying the concept, would you not believe open up burning was Ok as extensive as you did not burn up among 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. until finally June 1? EPA restrictions suggest open up burning is almost universally prohibited at any time of day and at any time of the calendar year.

Two township trustees, who are amongst those who officially oversee the fireplace division, refuse to confess that the signal is an invitation to violate the regulation. So unfortunate.

So why is the law usually not enforced?

In my watch, numerous fireplace section staff are ignorant of the law and unwilling to educate on their own on the EPA regulations.

I suspect that they come to feel if they tell an individual their open burning is a violation and place out their hearth they will be indignant at the fireplace section and for that reason won’t vote for the department’s up coming fireplace levy.

John Augustine

Parkman Township