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Koko Nanga: Chic Afropolitan style brand offers one-of-a-kind Ankara designs – Press Release

The Koko Nanga brand produces vibrant, classic clothing for the Afropolitan – anyone with an affinity for African Culture.

Charlotte, NC, United States – Fashion that is true to home enables people to embrace and show off their identity. The management at Koko Nanga understands the value of their culture, which is why they created this brand to provide people with vibrant designs that can help them embrace where they came from. As a brand, Koko Nanga works towards fortifying the perspective on African fashion, as well as to provide 1st and 2nd generation Africans an avenue to confidently flaunt their African identity with a modern flair. Greater than ever, the intent is for persons of African descent living in the continent and those in the diaspora (African American, Afro-European, Afro-Asian and Afro-Caribbean) to unite as a community.

What sets them apart from their competitors is how they value and respect their customers’ time and hard-earned money with which they use to support Koko Nanga’s mission. Their timeliness and responsiveness in delivering customer’s needs is one of their ways of paying respect to their community. Their activeness in collaborating with other brands, artists, and creatives professionals allows them to provide unique prints, and ensure that the finishing is well done for their custom orders requests. We just love their style which is unique and perfectly embodies neo African Culture. Maryanne, founder of Koko Nanga states that she has always admired the boldness of Naima Mora, from America’s Next Top Model cycle 4 winner, and has been inspired by her quote “Africa is the epitome of humanity – its recognition is our recognition.”

Winnie Wanja photographed by Edwin Mania for Koko Nanga’s 7 Unforgettable Project.

Model – Carol Motolo photographed by Murewa Photos at Pretoria BotanicalGardens in South Africa for Koko Nanga.

Model – Gabu Fords photographed by Edwin Mania of Urban Pitchaz for Koko Nanga.

The purpose of the Koko Nanga brand is not only to spread recognition of African fashion but also to support other members of their community. Koko Nanga currently supports two charities each quarter to help raise funds for their missions. In addition their  current campaign “7 Unforgettable – The Fallen Leaves” available on their social media, highlights their standing with the forgotten ones – who are the homeless, neglected, abused, disempowered, discriminated, mentally and emotionally depressed, and many without a voice.

Designer Maryanne Enanga Mokoko captured by Edwin Mania in Lamu Kenya.

The owner of the brand, Maryanne came across the idea for Koko Nanga when she was a sophomore at Howard University in Washington, D.C- being the co-founder for a trailblazing brand at the time called “Côté Minou” where she embarked on a mission to change the way people saw African Fashion. Always applying her academic love for geometry, culture, people, nature, and patterns the designer uses these to guide her creative process. After having spoken to a variety of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and races, she came to the great realization that Afro-politan does not need to be black, but simply to have an affinity for Afro-culture. The goal of the brand is to empower and inspire others, promote unlimited beliefs, champion unity and inclusiveness. Most importantly the brand desires to fortify the boldness and beauty of Africa where people can connect to the motherland and not be afraid to effortlessly tap into their African identity.

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