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It’s never too late to address skin concerns

Amy Burton is a Licensed Medical Esthetician at Vitality Med Spa in Melbourne.

a woman posing for the camera: Amy Burton is a Licensed Medical Esthetician at Vitality Med Spa in Melbourne.

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Amy Burton is a Licensed Medical Esthetician at Vitality Med Spa in Melbourne.

Q: Why did you go into the medical field?

A: Starting my career as a skin care expert and professional make-up artist I would on many occasions apply make-up to problematic skin normally caused by genetics, hormones, hygiene and/or incorrect use of skincare products.

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I knew clients needed a medical approach to help heal their skin as opposed to just covering it up.

I could not help but feel the client’s pain of being self-conscious about their skin issues. At that time, I began channeling my focus toward medical aesthetics.     

Q: What services do you provide?

A: I have created a fusion between rectifying skin problems using cutting edge, medically driven skincare disciplines, technology and techniques.

The most popular service I currently provide is the Juvesa Peel. It is an advanced medical microdermabrasion facial treatment which gently exfoliates dead skin, while featuring LED light therapy, radio frequency, and ultrasound technology.

The service requires no downtime, increases lymphatic circulation, promotes collagen production and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Additionally, I provide microneedling, a collagen induction therapy, dermal needling for scar refinement, endermologie, a non-invasive body contouring and cellulite reduction treatment.

Medium depth TCA, medical grade chemical and enzyme peels are also highly sought-after treatments which address extrinsic aging of the face and body.

It is important to note, skin peels can help speed up discovery of pre-cancerous cells while improving the overall youthful appearance of the treated area.

Q: What makes this area of health/medical/medicine fulfilling for you?

A: The fulfillment comes from knowing I have helped my patients feel more confident in their own skin.

Whether it is a surgical patient or acne patient needing basic skin care, I start with education, then create a step-by-step medical protocol while setting up realistic expectations and timelines.

Most importantly, I encourage my patients to have follow-up visits to address concerns, answer questions, track progress and success.

I take comfort in knowing I have a skilled medical aesthetic team on my side.

Q: When did you realize this was the right medically related career path?

A: I knew I had chosen the right career path because I love educating patients with good internal health practices through diet and lifestyle in conjunction with good skin health practices are quintessential in preventing premature aging. 

Q: What is the latest advancement in your field that will benefit your patients?

A: I am currently working with the latest DP Dermaceuticals microneedling device. It is called the3MD+. A third-generation device, it creates more precise micro-channels per square inch for maximum coverage which initiates more pathways to facilitate better skin rejuvenation.

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Q: Best advice for current and potential patients?

A: I advise all patients regardless of age that it is never too late to address their aesthetic or skin concerns. Start with baby steps.

I take pride in the fact that Dr. Diaz and the entire Vitality Med Spa staff have a similar philosophy to addressing patients concerns.

The medical aesthetic world can be intimidating, overwhelming and filled with misinformation.

Therefore, I must stay on top of the latest changes in the medical aesthetic industry to ensure patients safety. 

Q: How long have you practiced your area of expertise?

A: I am a lifelong Floridian and have spent the last 37 years in Brevard County. I have been practicing medical aesthetics for the last 13 years.   

Q: Anything additional information you would like to add?

A: I was chosen among my peers in 2012 to participate in a clinical trial for the Radiant Peel by Dermesse Skin Care.

The Radiant Peel case study involved months of detailed record keeping, precise before and after photography and professional feedback, aiding in the correct compensation of the peel and comprising the post procedure skin care kit.

I have advanced international training from NeedleLogics, and I am a certified DP Derm Clinician.

I emphasize the importance of high-quality ingredients both orally and topically.

I continue to strive to provide the latest results-driven skin care treatments from head to toe.

My philosophy is simple: “Your make-up is only as pretty as the skin underneath. You must treat the skin first if you want a natural looking complexion. What you put into your body is reflective of what you get out of it.”

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Name: Amy Burton, LME (Licensed Medical Esthetician)

Where are you based: Vitality Med Spa, 1513 S. Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901

Education: Associate of Science in Nutrition, LME

Professional background: I have spent more than 17 years as a skin care expert in the cosmetic industry. During that timeframe I began practicing medical aesthetics in 2008. 

Phone number: 321-951-2639

Website: www.diazplasticsurgery.com or www.beautyonlocation.net

This article originally appeared on Florida Today: Health Pro: Esthetician: It’s never too late to address skin concerns

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