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If you have little aches & pains, these products on Amazon can work so freaking well


Whether it’s stress, age, or maybe just the good old daily grind, being plagued by small, nagging pains can really make you lose your luster for life. I’m talking about that lingering injury you kind of treated all those years ago but could raise its ugly head at any moment, or perhaps the idea of standing at the demolition site that is the kitchen sink urging you to wave the white flag, proclaiming, “I give up!” because your knees just… can’t. I’m here to reassure you that if you have little aches and pains, these products on Amazon can work so freaking well that you’ll be taking the edge off in no time.

If a little triage is what you’re looking for there are products like a homeopathic Arnica cream to instantly ease muscle pain or Epsom salt foot soaks to give feet new life. There are also amazing products that will help prevent potential aches and pains like an anti-fatigue mat that’ll make seemingly endless dishwashing doable, or a pair of hiking poles to protect your joints as you venture outdoors.

Go ahead and browse the list below to give that hardworking body of yours the relief it deserves.

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This anti-fatigue mat that’ll save your joints

If you’d prefer to feel like you’re standing on clouds while washing the dishes (seriously, who wouldn’t), go for this anti-fatigue mat that’s made with thick density memory foam. It’s made with commercial-grade features, like a non-slip bottom and anti-curl edge, and won’t absorb liquids, making it easy to wipe down and clean. Choose from 13 different patterns and solid colors as well as 4 sizes.


A padded seat cushion to help with back support

This seat cushion can instantly turn that hard-as-a-rock office chair into a comfortable throne worthy of a queen. It provides you with lumbar support as well as takes the pressure off your tailbone. Use it in a huge range of scenarios, in the car for long road trips, out at the stadium, or even as an addition to your gaming chair.


This gym belt that makes lifting painless

If you’re having any kind of spinal pain during your lifts, opt for this gym belt that’ll help protect your spine and core during workouts. It’s constructed of 100% buffalo hide leather that’s both soft and flexible and features sturdy double stitching that lets you squat or deadlift up to 600 pounds. It comes available in five different sizes ranging from extra small to extra large.


A full body pillow for pain-free sleep

Take your bedtime to new, comfortable heights with this full-body pillow that’s made with shredded memory foam that promises to not flatten over time. It also features a breathable fabric cover that’ll keep you cool during the warmer months. Simply toss it in the washing machine when it’s time to clean. It’ll magically return to its original shape while it dries.


This under-cabinet jar opener that protects weak wrists

If opening the pickle jar is giving you stress, install this jar opener under any cabinet and eliminate any wrist pain forevermore. The opener will ease off any lid of any size no matter how firmly closed, even if it’s child-proof or tamper-proof. Install it using the included pre-attached adhesive and three screws, and because it sits under the cabinet, it takes up zero visual space.


This wedge pillow to banish leg pain

If those legs feel like they’ve been through the wringer, this wedge pillow will help. It’s made of ultra-comfortable memory foam and comes in five different heights so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your body and needs. It’s not only great for leg pain — the pillow can also help with spinal pain, hip pain, and swelling.


An adjustable bike seat cushion with gel padding

Transform those always-slightly-painful bike rides into journeys of pure bliss with the addition of this padded bike seat cushion. You don’t need to replace your existing bike saddle, you simply place this cushion over it and tighten using the straps and drawstring. It can even fit the widest of seats. It’s made with gel padding for supreme comfort and can be used on both indoor and outdoor bikes.


This versatile magnetic pickup tool with a built-in flashlight

This incredible magnetic pickup tool saves your back, arms, and shoulders from digging in hard-to-reach spaces for that tiny nut, bolt, or set of keys you may have accidentally dropped. On top of its magnetic abilities, it also features a bright flashlight with three LEDs and a telescoping neck that not only extends to 22 inches but also has the ability to bend 360 degrees. There won’t be a nook or cranny you can’t easily reach with the use of this bad boy tool.


A pair of hiking poles to protect your knees

Make heading for the hills a truly pleasurable experience with the use of these hiking poles. If you have any kind of knee or joint issues, they will offer support on every step, making going both up and downhill a lot easier. These poles are lightweight with a cork handle for good grip and moisture control and collapse down to half the height for easy storage.


This reusable gel pack that can be used hot or cold

Keep this gel pack handy to deal with any sudden twinges or lingering aches leftover from… you name it. A competitive kickball game? An extra-aggressive badminton session? Aches and pains are simply hard to avoid sometimes. The pack is fully reusable and can be used hot or cold by placing it in the microwave or, alternatively, storing it in the freezer. It’s flexible and comes with its own cover that includes straps, so you can easily and securely place it wherever needs soothing.


A bath pillow to help you get the most out of your soak

If a rejuvenating Epsom salt soak is just what the doctor ordered, then this bath pillow will make it all the more effective. It uses six suction cups to keep it in place and features a 3D mesh fabric that is super breathable, preventing the pillow from getting too wet or too hot. Your neck and shoulders will be comfortably supported, and when bath time is finished, you can simply hang it to dry with the accompanying hook.


This deck of instructional fitness cards featuring restorative yoga poses

When what you know you desperately need is a good dose of restorative stretching to ease those bothersome aches, turn to this fitness card deck that offers a variety of yoga poses. There are 70 yoga cards included and 9 different flows to choose from, or you can opt to create your own unique routine. They come in a large, easy-to-read size and are made of a sturdy, moisture-resistant material that won’t tear with repeated use.


A travel neck pillow made of memory foam

Travel can cause all sorts of annoying neck issues, and that’s where this classic neck pillow comes in handy. This one is made of memory foam so that it conforms to the contours of your specific shoulders and neck, and features a silky cover that’s soft on your skin. Choose from four elegant neutrals (grey, black, blue, or purple). The cover is machine-washable for added convenience.


This pill grinder that effortlessly crushes pills to a fine powder

Skip the mortar and pestle (and aching hands and wrists) and, instead, choose this pill grinder which will crush anything inside to a fine powder. Perfect for people who have trouble swallowing pills, this grinder is travel-sized so that it can be taken anywhere. Reviewers have compared its ease of use to that of a pepper grinder.


A pair of gaming glasses that block blue light

Prevent the headaches and migraines due to repeated screen time with these gaming glasses that block blue light in addition to UV rays. The lenses are tinted amber to filter out the blue light and reduce screen glare while enhancing contrast. They also come with scratch-resistant lenses. They come in a universal size and shape that’ll fit any face and even include a portable carrying case.


These compression yoga pants that boost blood circulation

Do double pain-prevention duty with these compression yoga pants that will boost your circulation while you’re rocking pain-relieving poses. The fabric is both breathable and moisture-wicking, and the compression-focused design helps to relieve muscle pain and inflammation. These pants are odor-resistant as well, but you can toss them in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

  • Sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Colors: 1


A balance board to prevent injury by toning your core

Nip potential injury in the bud by using this balance board to strengthen your core as well as all those tiny stabilizing muscles. It’s made of solid wood and durable ABS plastic with a non-skid surface for your feet to grip. As a bonus, every purchase comes with both a digital and paper workout guide so you can get started right away.


This yoga wheel to ease back tension

Let that tension in your spine blissfully melt away using this yoga wheel for deep stretching. It measures 12 inches in diameter and features an extremely durable PVC material that promises not to bend out of shape. A moisture-resistant and eco-friendly foam padding lines the outside of the wheel so as to provide a comfortable and solid grip. There’s even a stretching strap also included, in addition to a pdf workout.


Arnica cream to homeopathically heal pain

Sometimes we must acknowledge that nature knows what’s best for us, and, in this case, it comes in the form of this Arnica cream. It uses the power of the Arnica montana plant as an effective pain reliever and comes in a lightweight, non-greasy formula that is free of parabens or fragrance. Massage into the skin for relief from pain, swelling, muscle stiffness, or overexertion. As a bonus, it also helps aid bruises.


This powerful massage gun that reaches deep tissue

Spotted in many physical therapists’ offices far and wide, this massage gun deals effectively with muscle pain, increases circulation, and decreases lactic acid with the help of 20 different speed levels. It’s cordless, making it easy to maneuver, and comes with 10 replaceable massage heads customized for different parts of the body (the neck, arms, or legs, for example). Kick those aches and pains to the curb with its powerful, high torque motor, but all at a reasonable sound level.


An acupressure mat that relieves pain by massaging pressure points

One step onto this acupressure mat and you will feel what it is to be alive. The “bed of needles” activates pressure points that then release endorphins, which actually help to relieve pain. Lie on it for 10 to 30 minutes a day to help alleviate back pain. Energy will be released, blood circulation increased, and tight muscles relaxed. The mat and accompanying neck rest are cushioned with foam and come available in 14 different shades.


This foot soak that uses epsom salt and tea tree oil

Treat those barking dogs to true relief with this foot soak that includes inflammation-reducing Epsom salts and skin-relieving tea tree oil. Your feet will feel revived on top of being treated for any bothersome skin issues with the help of additional essential oils. All you have to do is prepare a warm foot bath, add a few tablespoons of the soaking salt, and love your life for the next 15-20 minutes.


A convertible garden kneeler & stool that prevents joint pain

If you’re wondering if you’ll survive another long day of weeding, you’ll be ecstatic at the existence of this garden kneeler that easily converts to a convenient stool. Its ergonomic design is made with comfortable EVA foam padding that cushions your knees (as well as protects you from dirt and mud). It can safely support up to 300 pounds. Use the strong metallic handles on either side to help you get up and simply flip the whole thing over to turn it into a stool.


A foot bath that’ll soak and massage aching feet

You might not have realized that good foot spas could be so inexpensive. This tub is an excellent treat for your feet at the end of the day. This spa tub will gently massage your feet and has been built to be a hands-free device. (You heard straight — everything you need can be pushed on and off by your foot.) It also comes with a removable pumice stone for even better exfoliation.


A mobile stand up desk that relieves back pain

Make your work-from-home situation as pain-free as possible with this mobile stand up desk. Four wheels make it simple to move around and you can easily adjust the height to sit or stand, all the while improving your posture and reducing back pain. It’s made of both metal and engineered wood and has a high weight capacity to handle your laptop plus any other accessories you need at hand.


This knee brace that supports all sides of the knee

Do those gym workouts knowing your precious joints will be fully protected by using this knee brace. It features breathable cotton spandex that is reinforced on all sides by including adjustment straps, a patella holder, and side stabilizers. It promises to stay securely in place with no gathering at the back of the knee and comes in four sizes so you can find the one that suits you perfectly.


A TENS unit that uses electronic pulses to treat pain

Give chronic pain the push by using this portable TENS massager unit whenever the need arises. It includes 10 reusable conductive pads to be placed wherever you need relief, and 24 pre-programmed modes of electronic pulses to stimulate the muscles. It has a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours and even comes with a small storage bag so that you can take it with you while on the move.


This all-natural pain-relieving roll-on oil that only uses four ingredients

If you’re looking for fast and natural topical relief, turn to this roll-on oil that takes its strength from four simple ingredients: tea tree oil, Blue Malle eucalyptus, vanilla, and olive oil. These ingredients focus on treating pain by addressing inflammation and soothing nerve and muscle strain. The formula goes on fast and absorbs into the skin quickly wherever you require pain relief.


A migraine cap that uses ice to relieve headaches

There’s nothing like being suddenly taken under by a migraine or an annoying headache. Next time, reach into the freezer for this clever migraine cap that is filled with cooling gel packs to give your head instant relief. You can put it over your face to provide a cold, blackout environment or wear it like a hat to give you 360-degree relief. There’s even a hole at the top to put long hair through, so you can get a maximum cooling effect on all sides of your head.


A storage bag organizer that fits under the bed

Tired of always straining that back muscle reaching for that one item on the very top shelf? Instead, choose these storage bag organizers that conveniently slip directly under the bed for easy peasy retrieval. They come in a pack of two rectangular-shaped boxes that feature a breathable polypropylene material and a transparent vinyl top so you can quickly see what’s inside. They even collapse to a flat shape when not in use so you can store them away with ease.


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