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‘I have the fashions for you’

RICHMOND, Va. — You can label Tara Hall a fashionista from head to toe. And Bazaar Boutique, on E. Brookland Park Boulevard in Richmond, is a reflection of the business owner.

“I love this. This is my passion,” Hall said. “When you look good you feel good. When you look good you empower yourself.”

Hall doesn’t profit from making the most money she can. Her bottom line is all about helping people.

“I always want to save the world and make people happy. I can’t. But you know what I can do, Greg? I can do it through my passion,” Hall said. “I never want a woman to leave here without something she can’t afford.”

Tara Hall


Tara Hall

For customers down on their luck, the VCU graduate offers gently used items for pennies on the dollar.

“I always wanted to be a blessing to people,” Hall said. “That is what I wanted to do. I wanted to put a smile on your face. That is what I enjoy doing.”

The fashion advice is always free and sometimes the clothes are as well.

“I tell that woman who is struggling and going through pain and agony come and see me,” she said. “You’re the one I want to see. I have the fashions for you. It is not even about the cost.”

Accordingly, Hall calls her store a ministry.

“But this point in the game, in my life God has done so much for me, and has given so much to me, I can never give back enough,” Hall explained.

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Hall, who retired from the IRS after a 33-year career, opened her store a few months before the pandemic hit.

The business owner pivoted by teaming up with business and faith leaders to donate food and clothing.

Empowering women is her driving force and her customers become friends.

“I’ve never turned anyone away,” Hall said. “But anyone leaving this place I feel a transformation taking place.”

Hall is a fashionista who makes people look, and more importantly feel, like a million bucks.

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Bizarre Boutique

“Having this Bazaar Boutique is not so much about the profit for the Boutique but profiting the soul of an individual,” she said.

Tara Hall’s Bazaar Boutique is open Wednesdays through Saturdays and can be reached at 804-218-4961