Considering gastric bypass revision? Get to know your options

When Should You Consider Revision Weight-Loss Surgery? – Trinity Bariatric  Institute

Bypass gastrectomy result doesn’t satisfy you? Bariatric surgeons share the most popular revisional options to consider. While knowing your possibilities is important, deepening into likely causes is vital. Here you’ll get to know your choices and some of the reasons behind the unfulfilled expectations.

Most popular bypass gastrectomy revision choices

There are two main points worth mentioning. Firstly, unsatisfactory results could be considered as insufficient weight loss. But it could also be related to specific health conditions – new ones or old unresolved problems. Still, the most common reason for professional gastric bypass revision is a stretched stomach. 

Bariatric surgeons reveal the 4 most popular solutions:

  1. Endoscopic repair
  2. Increased bypass
  3. Bariatric band
  4. Stomach reduction

During the endoscopic correction, a highly-skilled professional tightens the connection between the stomach and the intestines. This is the least interventional way to deal with frustrating issues. Meanwhile, after an in-depth medical examination, the surgeon might offer three other scenarios.

Reasons behind unfulfilled expectations

Before getting into your revisional options’ research, ask yourself – could it be that some of your habits or used products changed. Maybe physical activity isn‘t that regular anymore, or some of the dietary restrictions were ignored? Many setbacks are consequences of wrong products or too many calories consumed.

If that‘s not the case, then you should definitely read further.

Bariatric experts name the 3 most common indicators of needed revisional procedures. So, apart from insufficient weight loss, candidates experience:

  • Sudden weight relapse
  • Changes in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Medical complications

See yourself in any of those points? Seems like it’s time to register for the consultation.

Even a weight relapse or setback isn’t a lost fight. Keep in mind that obesity treatment is a life-long treatment, with its’ ups and downs. If you face the latter, look for professional experts to lead you all the way through.

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