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CNET Deal: Get 20% Off Pattern Beauty Sitewide



Pattern Beauty

Did you miss out on Pattern Beauty’s last flash sale? Well we have something special for our readers. Right now, you can get 20% off Pattern Beauty sitewide with our exclusive code CNET20 until the end of the month.  

I’ve previously written about Pattern Beauty, detailing the best hair types for this line (3A to 4C) and products you should try based on what I’ve used (shower brush, shampoo and conditioner, etc.). So, I’ll focus on the newer products that you should check out with the 20% off applied. While I haven’t tried all of these items, I’ve been so pleased with the results of everything I’ve used thus far that I’m confident they will work for you. as well.  

  • Transition mask: $20. A product for women transitioning from hair straightening to a more natural look. 
  • Satin cap: $17. Great for keeping all of your hair in place and oils in your hair and not on your pillow. 
  • Transition bundle: $79. A 5-piece kit that includes the shampoo, conditioner and shower brush I love so much, plus hair mist and the transition mask. 
  • Repair & recovery bundle: $109. A 7-piece kit that includes the transition mask, treatment mask, satin cap, Jojoba self heating packs, heavy conditioner, wide tooth comb and scalp serum. 


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