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4 Ways To Use A French Hair Pin

4 Ways To Use A French Hair Pin

My Kristin Ess french pin has been collecting dust and I am ashamed of it. I finally learned how to use it and seem to fall short in actually using it now. That’s all about to change. To inspire me, I thought I’d share 4 ways to use a hair pin. The Kristin Ess one is perfection, but there’s plenty of others to try which you can shop below.

Since I donated my hair (you can read that post here) I have been actually styling my hair in more fun ways. Like this rope braid tutorial and also adding in some fun clips. But what I have yet to do on my new short hair is use my hairpin! It’s probably easier, to be honest. So today’s post is designed to get a little fire under my butt to share some shorter styles. But until then, here are 4 really easy ways to use a french hairpin. And all you ned to achieve these looks is a great hair pin and lots of texturizing spray. Especially if you have more silky hair like myself, this makes a world of difference! You won’t be needing any bobby pins for these great looks that appear much more fancy than they really are.

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4 Ways To Use A French Hair Pin

Half Bun

If you’re a bun lover, you may love this easy to create style. You can do this with all your hair (keep scrolling!) or just do half. I can only do this now on my new short hair, which is still just as fun! This is truly the most classic way to use a hair pin and one that can take a little bit of practice to really get it in there to keep your bun together. You can do this as a high bun, or low bun, or anything in between!

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rose gold French hair pin

Modern Twist

This is hands down my favorite way to wear a french hair pin. It really is so simple and just requires some teasing and a little half twist. If you’re scared to use a hair pin, try this one first! The real trick to getting this one to stay is to take the section of hair that you’ll be putting into the pin and spray it with lots of good texturizing spray or powder texturizer. It helps to create a more gritty texture for your hair to keep the hairpin in it’s place. Also doing a bit of teasing will help. Take a few sections of the top part of your hair and tease away. More texture is best with this style!

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Twisted Half Up

For long or short hair, this twisted half up is super easy to create. It’s also just dressy enough to be great for an event too! Pop in the Kristin Ess hair pin as the simplest hair accessory. I love this unique twist because it’s not like the common messy twisted bun we’re all used to. Instead, it’s a bit more dressy and modern. You can check out the full tutorial on how we did this fun twist below.

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A Twisted Half Up hairstyle

Classic Twist hairstyle

Classic Twist

This classic twist can only really be done on medium to long hair. This is the classic twist that those girls in high school would do with just a pencil. I could never, I need a little more product and a true pin! It takes a little bit of practice to get it just right, but once you figure it out it’s a great way to throw your hair up that isn’t just a boring ponytail with a hair tie.

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