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Your Guide to the FeedBlitz Email Ad Program

Your Guide to the FeedBlitz Email Ad Program

Every email you send and every update that goes live is an opportunity — and that includes the opportunity to generate revenue.

You’ve carved out your space on the world wide web and built a community of like-minded people interested in reading what you provide. You also created an email list from that community and started to grow your audience with a new way to receive and engage with your content.

Now picture this: Sending campaigns to your email list and automatically earning revenue without directly selling any goods or services.

It may sound too good to be true, but that’s precisely what happens when you choose to host ads in your emails:

You create a passive income stream from the content you’re already sending out to your subscribers.

The purpose of this guide is to offer considerable insight into email ads. Specifically, the ads provided through the FeedBlitz integrated ad network. It will also help debunk any myths, address any hesitations you may have, and offer a glimpse into the actual earning potential available to you.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this guide:

  1. Are email ads right for me?
  2. Two ways you can earn revenue from ads in your emails.
  3. The FAQs of ad sizes, placements, and types.
  4. Pulling back the curtain: The 2021 ad revenue of three FeedBlitz clients.
  5. Case studies: How monitoring and making adjustments to your program can increase earning potential.

Settle in, and let’s get started. It’s time to learn about your truly unlimited earning potential.

1. Are email ads right for me?

We start by asking this one question for anyone curious about getting started with email ads:

Are you currently running ads on your site?

If your site is currently hosting ads, it’s a simple, seamless transition to start incorporating them into your email content. Your audience has already become accustomed to seeing them on your site. Your emails also offer additional, coveted ad space and an opportunity to generate revenue.

Monetizing one without the other means you may be leaving revenue opportunities on the table.

If you are not yet running ads on your site, this does not mean you shouldn’t run ads in your emails. If you plan to run ads on your site but don’t meet traffic minimums to join a premium ad network, you can run this process in reverse. Running ads in your emails can prepare your audience for the appearance of ads on your website. The FeedBlitz integrated ad network has no traffic or list size minimums.

2. Two ways you can earn money from ads in your emails.

Monetizing your emails doesn’t require a massive mailing list or sending content within a specific niche. Creating a revenue stream from the emails, you’re already sending may be easier than you imagine.

Earning revenue is an opportunity available to anyone sending email campaigns. When focusing your email monetization efforts on working with ads, the two most common tactics are:

1. Selling space in your email and manually inserting ads. This method relies on sponsorships, partnerships and affiliate relationships you create and offers a variety of possibilities as it could cover images, logos, videos, or text.

However, selling space requires substantial work to establish relationships and agreements, including creating a media kit, gathering your site and email history data, securing multiple agreements across platforms, etc.

2. Ads that are inserted automatically into your emails through an integration with an online ad service. This automated option allows an ad network that you sign up for or that is integrated with your email service provider (ESP) to supply and place ads in designated space(s) of your campaigns.