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Women’s Fashion: How to Wear Hoodies

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Everyone should have at least one women’s Hoodie in their closet. It is something that you can wear any day, in summer, spring or winter. It will complete any look, be it casual or sporty.

No matter which option you choose, remember the importance of accessories. For example, if you wear a hoodie without a hood, you can wear a colored scarf for a different touch.

Cropped hoodies

If you are a plus size and want to look fashionable, you can opt for a short essentials hoodie. They are fashionable and can be combined with high-cut skinny jeans. Complete with pointed heels and you will have a perfect look for a night out.

Go for the grunge look

As all fashion returns, it is an option to remember the grunge look of other decades. He wears a T-shirt, a Hoodie and a long black coat. Complete with jeans or skinny pants. If you want to look even more grunge, wear a shirt from your favorite rock band and some black boots.

A softer grunge would be a total black, with black skinny pants, black Hoodie, purse and black leather boots.

Sport style

The sporty look is the most traditional with a Hoodie for women. Combine them with tights or black leggings and your favorite sports shoes. This look is pretty casual so leave it alone to hit the gym or go out to run some quick errand.

With shorts or skirts

In summer you can wear Hoodies, you just have to know how to combine them. For a very feminine and chic look, wear a black zip-free Hoodie with a mini plaid skirt.

A round neck Hoodie, without a hood or zipper, in gray, will go very well with a Hoodie and sports shoes. Complete with red lipstick and you will look sporty chic. To go to the office you can wear a knee-length skirt with a unicolor hoodie without a hood.

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Women’s layered hoodie

For the colder months you can wear a layered Hoodie. Think of something similar to how you would wear a cardigan. One option is to wear a trench coat over a solid color Hoodie, black leggings, and trendy sneakers.

Another layered combination would be with a leather jacket over the Hoodie. This will look good with leggings, jeans, or even a skirt. You can wear ballerinas or heels for a slightly more feminine look.

Wear a long, fitted Hoodie

This type of Hoodie is a trend among women; it gives a sophisticated look and allows you to highlight the curves of your body. You can wear it when you are going to be outdoors for a long time, they are very comfortable and look good. You can wear them with pants or jeans. In the colors and combinations you prefer.

Wear the wide neck Hoodie

Choose a Hoodie with a wide neck to stand out; it is a more fashion style. The size of this element makes it stand out. Combine it with the pants you prefer, with the neck like this the Hoodie will be the star of the look.

With these ideas to wear a stylish Hoodie, both men and women can look great. The idea is that you take advantage of different combinations with the same garment. What combination do you prefer to wear Hoodies? What model does you like the most? Let us know.