18/06/2024 5:00 AM


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Woman ‘chased down the street’ by shop owner after trying to pay bill

A woman claims she was ‘intimidated’ by shop owners while attempting to pay for her electric bills.

Emma Bryan says she entered the shop in St Helens to put money on her electric meter but was met with an ‘aggressive’ shop owner.

The 20-year-old claims the incident left her feeling ‘intimidated’ and ‘very uncomfortable’.

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She told the ECHO : “I went into the shop with £5 cash because that’s all I had until I got paid again in two days. I asked him to put £5 on my electric key and he said yes no problem. He put the £5 on, gave me my receipt and I went home.”

However, upon arriving back home, Emma realised something wasn’t right.

She said: “I put my key in the meter and there was no money on it at all. So I then went back to the shop and explained this and he said ‘no problem I will check it out now’.

“He told me there is money on the meter and said to ring my provider. I explained to him that they are closed and I only had 54p left on my electric and that would not be enough to wait until they opened again.”

It was at this point Emma claims the shop owner became more aggressive.

She said: “He then got pretty arrogant and said ‘this receipt is proof that I put money on it you need to ring your provider’. I explained a second time that they are not open and I have no electric. I told him he could come to my house and see that there is no electric.

“He then started to shout and told me to get out of his shop and don’t ever return before giving me my £5 cash back. I then went to a different shop with the money and they checked on the key and showed me behind the till that there was no money put on at all.

“On my way back from successfully getting electric I popped my head in the first shop.

“I did not step a foot over the door, just stuck my head in and said ‘just to let you know the other shop showed me there was no money on the card’ and proceeded to walk away.

“He then chased me down the street shouting ‘do not return here, I don’t want to see your face near my shop again’ to which I said ‘you don’t need to worry. I wouldn’t come back to your shop if it was the last shop in England’.