A digital-first store critical to driving stronger connections with customers It’s not only the store format that will change, but also the technology within the store. To improve the customer experience, retailers need to embrace a range of technologies such as smart digital shelves, digital fact tags, and QR codes […]

Last In First Out (LIFO) Accounting For Retail Business LIFO, on the other hand, evaluates inventory based on current wholesale market prices rather than what businesses actually paid for products in the more distant past. It typically calculates a higher cost of goods sold and in turn a lower profit […]

Co-authored by: Kaleigh Bisconti   If you visit our corporate headquarters in San Jose, California, be sure to check out the Cisco Store Tech Lab in Building 11. Remodeled and opened May of 2018, the 2500-square-foot store not only offers merchandise ranging from apparel to backpacks, but also showcases our […]