“They all think it’s hilarious,” Mr. Getz said. “But they know that only I would wear this cheap, knockoff watch with my own face on it as a cartoon — and pretend to be proud of it.” Fun watches, after all, are rooted in self-expression. The Washington, D.C.-based watch collector […]

While they’re largely seen as an aesthetic selection at present, attire in historical past had been favoured for his or her practicality and have been as generally worn as shirts are today from commoners to royalty and even army. These simple, ethereal materials have been simple to make and had […]

The streak of exhibits practically ended a 12 months-in the past when the COVID-19 pandemic’s arrival closed fabric shops and the college campus. Students wanted to give you new solutions to present a fashion show with no viewers and no runway. The college students at GCC met that challenge by […]