Split Shank Diamond Rings: Great Choice for an Engagement Ring

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Engagement rings are one of the most important symbols of proving someone else’s love for his future wife. Choosing the right ring is challenging for most men. They have to consider their budget and their partner’s preference as well, especially when engagement ring designs come in varieties. There are hundreds or even thousands to choose from. Educating yourself on what the best characteristics of diamonds are, helps to choose the right engagement ring. One of the unique styles of the ring is the split shank diamond rings.

What’s Unique About Split Shank Diamond Rings?

Shank refers to the band of the ring. As the ring was named, split shank diamond rings have a design that splits before the stone that results in separate stems from the center stone. Although the design sticks on the split shank, the stones on the center may vary according to the design that you desire. Compared to simple ones, this kind of design can add up to the volume and appearance of the ring. Several lists of basic split shank designs are available for you to choose from.

Types of Split Shank Designs

  • Multirow split shank

This design has several rows of the shank, usually 2 to 3 and overlapping each other.

  • Plain split shank

This is the original design. It has two splits, half of the band going to the center.

  • Twisting split shank

The design has an intertwined twisted shank also halfway towards the center.

  • Pave split shank

This design has each side of the shank almost full or ¾ of it divided into two.

  • Halo split shank

Halfway on each side of the shank is split into two but only halfway towards the bottom.

You can also choose cuts and shapes of the diamond for the centerpiece. As stated earlier they come in different shapes and even sizes but there are common designs you can base your designs on.

Examples of Split Shank Diamond Rings

Rising Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring

This design has elevated round stone surrounded by a halo with a split band. Its sparks give volume to the ring.

Split Shank Squarish Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The shape of the stone is square with blunt ends surrounded by a halo. The bands are braided.

Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

The stone is oval-shaped without a halo which makes the design look simple but elegant. The band splits almost ¾ of the shank and studded with stones.

Split shank Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring

Medium length split band with a trellis design. What makes it unique is the descending sizes of diamonds after the split on the shank.

Twisting Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

Two paths of the band are twisted before uniting into one bank below.

These are just a few common split shank ring settings, however, more designs are available and can even be customized. Advantages and disadvantages should also be considered when buying split shank diamond rings.

Advantages of Split Shank Diamond Rings

  • Designs are often unique and eye-catching.
  • Side stones add up to its sparkle and awesome appearance.
  • It adds up the volume to the diamond on the center of the ring compared with plain ones.
  • Can match with a modern or classic look.

Disadvantages of Split Shank Diamond Rings

  • Cleaning would require more effort due to its designs.

Not recommended for people who mostly work with their hands.

  • Choosing an outstanding diamond engagement ring requires a lot of factors. When choosing diamonds don’t forget to consider the 4c’s.

4C’s in Choosing Split Shank Ring


The more colorless the better. Colorless diamonds are not far from the less colorless. Budget wise as long as the diamond sparkles it’s still good.

2. Clarity

Lesser blemishes the better. The clarity of a diamond can affect its brilliancy. It’s hard to find a perfect diamond without a blemish since it requires a skilled worker to check on this. Ask the advice of experts to get the right one.

3. Cut

The cut is a very important factor since it can determine the brilliancy of the diamond as well as durability. A perfect cut can make the ring last longer.

4. Shape

Consider a shape that matches your partner’s interest. Be sure to have the diamond cut properly to preserve its precious characteristics.

For your engagement ring try considering a split shank diamond ring as your choice.

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