Salman Khan: I have a super rapport with Salman Khan: Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi, who has always been a strong woman on both professional and personal front, has raised a beautiful daughter Aalia Furniturewala who is studying in NYU. A mother of two kids, Pooja is proud of her little ones doing well in their lives.

The actress, who was seen in Bigg Boss 5, has started the initiative of Happy Soul, wherein they help the sad, helpless, frustrated and confused people. In a conversation with she opened about her initiative, her daughter’s future goals and her rapport with Bigg Boss host Salman Khan.

Q: Your daughter has been quite in news for her Instagram posts and now that she is all grown up, people are speculating her coming in films. Do you have any plans for her career?

Pooja Bedi: She is a strong, confident, dynamic girl who’s flowering into an utterly beautiful woman. Whatever she does professionally will have to first be backed by intense research and study of the subject or medium. So, we are focussing on her academic journey right now.

Q: Are you comfortable with people talking about your daughter? Do you think that affects her studies or personal life?

Pooja Bedi: One thing I’ve learned being part of the independent, bohemian family I’m from is that people will talk irrespective. They will say even say horrible stuff about Mahatma Gandhi and great leaders, why should they spare the Bedi’s ! It’s how you react to a situation or comment that shapes your life, in our family we entitle everyone to their opinions. My daughter is a brilliant student and all rounder. Her getting into NYU last year was a huge achievement and full credit to her for all she did to get there. She knows that if anything troubles or bothers her all she has to do is turn to her parents for guidance, love, support and encouragement. You can’t stop the rain from falling, but you can put up an umbrella or simply dance in the rain and enjoy it. Shit happens! It’s your attitude that matters.

Q: How has your compatibility with Salman Khan and Sky (Akashdeep Saigal) been ever since you left Bigg Boss?

Pooja Bedi: I have a super rapport with everyone. I have a very happy bent of mind, I always see the larger picture and don’t waste time and energy in negativity.

Q: You were in a controversy at the time of your father Kabir Bedi’s marriage to Parveen Dusanjh. Have things sorted out between you and your father’s family now?

Pooja Bedi: I believe that if things cannot be sorted at this very moment, it is best to keep a distance from whatever has a negative hue attached to it. Time is a great healer, and as long as my dad knows that I’m always there for him, (which I am) I am at peace.

Q: Has your daughter received any offers from the film industry yet?

Pooja Bedi: My daughter has received a lot of media attention and a lot of offers from the film industry. But as I said, she is first going to complete her studies and training and only when she is completely prepared will she do whatever she chooses to do professionally.

Q: How did this initiative come to your mind?

Pooja Bedi: HAPPY SOUL is my amalgamation of various modalities I’ve studied and experienced over the past decade. It’s a logical and scientific perspective that validates how we create our own destiny and how we alone therefore can masterfully change whatever is going wrong in our lives. I see so many people suffering unnecessarily. They feel stuck, disempowered, helpless, sad, confused, frustrated. There is no need for people to suffer, unless they want to, because they have the ability to change realities. They just don’t know how. Happy Soul Workshops on Personal Transformation shows them how to change every negative into a positive. We’re human and it’s okay to make mistakes, but its stupidity to keep making the same mistake or living with one. We need to recognise our patterns, harness our inner power and be proactive in making a change. We provide the methods and tools for the same.

Q: There are many people out there who don’t want to discuss about their issues with anyone, do you offer something for such people as well?

Pooja Bedi: Once people do this course they will not need to discuss their issues with anyone, because they will have been empowered to diagnose, understand and through the methods imparted, be able to change whatever it is that they want to in their lives. It’s a complete self-transformational, self-empowerment course.

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Q: Depression has taken a toll on the youth these days. What do you have to say about that?

Pooja Bedi: The word depression is thrown around was too loosely nowadays. For most people being upset = depressed. Being sad = depressed. Being distressed= depressed. Whatever the negative emotion, Happy Soul guides you to address the root of the problem, rather than treat the symptoms.

The mind, emotion and body are inextricably linked. All the problems come up in the mind, which translates into emotions and then manifests in the body as disease. When you understand this, you work backwards and eliminate the thought process that caused the disease in the first place.

Q: Was there someone or something that inspired you to come up with this initiative?

Pooja Bedi: I’m always told I’m such a happy soul. My award winning relationship column in TOI, the Heart Chakra has touched and changed the lives of multitudes of people. I’m continuously coming across people who say what they read changes their lives. They want to know more, change more, heal more. Happy Soul workshops are an intensive journey into understanding your patterns, limitations, belief systems, ailments and shows you through the understanding of various modalities how you can change everything that is holding you back from living your life to its happiest and fullest potential. The course is a fabulous blend of science/meta-science/physics/ meta-physics

Q: How can people enroll for the same?

Pooja Bedi: They can check upcoming course dates and venues on our website or SMS 9820051130

Or email [email protected]