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Paris Fashion Week channels humor, animated film for spring

PARIS (AP) — As weary fashionistas made it to the end of Paris Fashion Week’s 96 physical and digital spring-summer shows, Saturday’s runways provided the spark to keep the energy going despite the rain and gray skies. Some of the world’s top designers channeled humor, bright colors, innovative design techniques and even animated films for ever-imaginative displays.


Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood was in typically eccentric form.

Mixing Glam Rock references from Westwood’s 80s heyday with historic musing and a tongue firmly in cheek, Kronthaler created 66 pieces of fashion mayhem and put on one of the most fun shows this Paris fashion season.

To a plasma screen that projected blown-up images of architecture and textiles, models stood showcasing styles that almost defied description.

Did the pale bridal dress with invisible scaffolding at the back resemble a tent, or was it meant to evoke a garment that had been hung out to dry on a clothesline? A giant white historic hat cut a fine shape, but on closer inspection was made out of a cuddly toy bearing the face of an old bearded man.

But while the humor was undeniable, there were also many moments of sublime fashion design. A trompe l’oeil gown had pale blue fabric “floating” abstractly on its front. The simplest looks were also some of the best, including a draped white gown with a beautiful dynamic whoosh of material.


The fashion-forward house of Tokyo’s Kunihiko Morinaga has built up a huge fan base in Japan for his daring concepts that merge art and fashion.

On Saturday, Morinaga did not disappoint.

The award-winning designer treated fashion editors to a collaboration with Oscar-nominated Japanese animation filmmaker Mamoru Hosoda. It was short fashion movie set in the land of “U” — with clothes that evoked the landmark sci-fi movie “Tron.”

Polygonal silhouettes made from triangles of fabrics in his signature patchwork were immersed in the fictional universe of a sort of futuristic Japan.

They were made from vintage garments and hi-tech reflective fabrics that the house said were made using a special bonding technique. The designs’ matching platform sandals were embellished with the same motif. It was an interesting comment on how the digital world has affected the fashion industry.

Morinaga said the idea of the show began when he was asked by Hosoda to create the virtual stage costume for a concert scene in “BELLE” (2021), his upcoming animated feature film.


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