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Let It Go For Ages – Wearlikes

Let It Go For Ages – Wearlikes

Fashion jewelry is prone to wear and tear hence it becomes critical to take care of your jewelry specially if you want your jewelry to last for ages. At Wearlikes we provide you with the top quality, new trends without breaking your banks. 

Why Does Fashion Jewelry Tarnish?

Fashion jewelry like necklace, bracelets, earrings are capable of tarnishing but find out why and what changes you would require looking at its best and gleaming for a longer time. Over time the jewelry comes in contact with acids, moisture, chemicals, air leading to dark discoloration to your jewelry.

Now how quickly your jewelry tarnish depends on several factors such as how you care for it, your skin composition, air around, how frequent you use. Here are some tips that help you to keep your jewelry from tarnishing so that it lasts forever! Don ‘t Put Lotion or Perfumes With Your Jewelry On Lotions and perfumes are not 100% natural and can easily react with your jewelry. Don’t wear jewelry when you are putting on lotion instead wear it at the end. Always remember to wear your jewelry when you are completely dressed, as it will give a finishing touch to your jewelry and importantly protects it from other harmful chemicals.

Store It Properly

Read carefully, because this one is important! You should keep it in soft-lined compartments and take care it doesn’t get tangled with your other stuff. All the jewels you receive from Wearlikes jewelry come with a separate velvet pouch to keep it protected from the sun and save it from scratches.

Beware contamination

Wearlikes Fashion Jewellery

At Wearlikes we advise you to keep your jewelry away from contaminants, water to keep it safe from tarnishing. Usually you should avoid soaps, detergents, cooking grease, etc so that it does not get dull. Even at times, your jewelry may come in contact with water or oil, so take a dry wipe and pat them dry.

Get certified Jewelry Only

It’s always advisable to buy your jewelry from the paperwork, in case the worst happens you got a warranty card. At Wearlikes we give you a jewelry certification which gives customers the confidence that the jewelry is 100% genuine. Keep any certificates given when you purchase the items like necklace, bracelets, and earrings. Make sure you have complete valuation of your jewelry.

Give Your Jewelry A Break

Last but not the least; your jewelry needs a break. Keep it with love and care so that it lasts longer. There are few pieces which are very close to our heart and want to keep for a longer time, do follow the steps to keep it in the best condition.

Wearing the same piece, again and again, will definitely cause it to tarnish and fade away, as it is not meant to wear every day.

The perfect time to wear jewelry is at Social Gatherings, parties, running errands , going shopping, etc. Usually we should avoid it while going to the beach or sunlight.

At Wearlikes Jewellerybuy the best-customized jewelry with extraordinary elegance and exquisite designs. If there is something you’re particularly concerned with, choosing pieces that are plated with karat gold, rhodium, vermeil will help extend its life.

We showcase a beautiful set of gemstone and trinkets collection of gold necklaces and pendants, earrings, silver rings, bracelets for casual use and for the purpose of gift-giving and presents It’s time to invest in fine jewelry for classic, staple pieces. Choose the right jewels and take proper care of them . Visit us now