18/06/2024 7:07 PM


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Here’s What GQ’s Rachel Tashjian Has Been Shopping For on Etsy Lately

As GQ’s fashion critic, Rachel Tashjian spends her days reporting on the bleeding edge of cool—all the newest and freshest and most novel clothes, direct from the front lines of fashion. But you’d be hard-pressed to find anything all that new in her closet. “Almost everything I shop for now is vintage or secondhand,” Rachel says. “It’s made my wardrobe pretty wild.”

Case in point: this quilted vest-and-skirt set Rachel scored on Etsy for $30. “It has Issey Miyake Plisse vibes with a Dries Van Noten-ish color palette,” she says. “I played that up with a Dries men’s shirt I pinched from my boyfriend, and am also wearing my favorite shoes (ever!!! Of all-time!!!) made by Marine Serre in collaboration with Melissa.” 

Matteo Mobilio

But what’s that wild rubbery scarf Rachel has tossed over her shoulder, you ask? “I grabbed a giant power cord,” she explains, “because the mustard color makes it look like Philip K. Dick’s answer to the feather boa.” Now that’s, ahem, a power move. (Sorry.) 

Hoping to mimic Rachel’s goddess-tier, galaxy-brain style? Start by searching “vintage plisse set” on Etsy—Rachel was kind enough to curate a few standouts for you below. And don’t forget to follow @GQ on Instagram for a closer look at Rachel’s fit and every installment of #GQStaffStyle.

Watercolor Top and Skirt Set

Vintage Plisse Pleated Full Maxi Skirt