17/06/2024 1:10 AM


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DBS brain surgery could get me surfing again!


So the plan is to go back up once a month and get the settings right over the year and if it works, (which it already is) I won’t have to have an operation on my neck because it should heal itself. If not then and my arm still doesn’t work then I may have to have neck surgery. Ive already been up twice for adjustments and each time I’ve come back better, my arm is improving slowly but its promising and hopefully by the summer, I’ll be back in the ocean again. I feel truly blessed to be part of the best team of neurologists in the world, I feel so grateful for all their help and support as the operation I had cost thousands of pounds. I cannot wait to be surfing with all my friends again, its literally felt like a part of me has died. I miss everything about it and its been may life since I was a small boy, without growing up in the ocean and swimming my whole life, I really don’t think my body would have been able to cope with what i’m going through, so that just motivates me more to get back in there.

In the time I’ve been injured over the past few years, I’ve been writing an EP which its now out on all music platforms. Its a 5 track EP which I’ll be releasing over the next year, its all about anxiety, love and all the usual stuff people write songs about lol. It’s been tough for everyone over the last few years and so much has happened to so many people in so many different ways. Ive tried to capture a lot of that in my song writing and hope that people connect to my music. Its always scary releasing your first debut single and I’ve been working hard to try and do that, I hope people like it and I can only try and express myself the best I can. Music is my passion and really helps my Tourettes, so with that, getting back in the water and the DBS, I should be flying into this year with a big smile on my face. If you wanna check out my music its on all music platforms, just type in Steve Ley or follow me on instagram @steve_ley_music and you can see where my gigs are and all the info about my music release. Big up to everyone that has supported me through this journey and all the people I’ve met in and out of the ocean. It really means the world to me and and keeps me pushing forward, lets be kind to each other and make this year a banger! Peace. x


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