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Couple offer wedding guests better food depending on how expensive their gift is

A couple of newlyweds have been accused of being ‘tacky’ after offering their guests a tiered level of wedding food depending on how much they’re spending on gifts

The couple have been branded 'tacky'
The couple have been branded ‘tacky’

It’s no secret that weddings are very, very expensive, and any bride or groom will tell you that a huge proportion of that comes from feeding guests.

So, if you look it like that, you can kind of understand why one couple wanted to make sure they were getting their money’s worth from family and friends, before serving them the finest wedding grub. Honestly, we’re not sure if this is evil or brilliant.

These particular newly weds sent out a note to their prospective guests asking them to reveal how much they were planning on spending on their wedding gift, in order to determine the level of food they’ll receive.

Guests are offered meals based off how much they’re spending on gifts


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“So that we may prepare you’re preferred dinner, please circle your gift level and indicate a meal of choice for each person in your party,” the note read, before going on to categorise the levels of gifting.

According to the happy couple, anything worth up to $250 (£180) is classed as a loving gift, and will entitle guests to a choice of roast chicken or swordfish – which is a pretty expensive meal, but like we said, weddings are pricey.

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However, if guests fancied chowing down on smoked salmon or sliced steak, they’d have to be willing to fork out up to $500 (£360) on a silver level gift.

A golden level gift includes anything worth up to $1,000 (£721) and will entitle guests to filet mignon or lobster tail. Fancy!

But, only the most generous friends and family would qualify a two-pound lobster and a souvenir champagne goblet for spending more than $1,000 to $2,500+ (£1,800) on a platinum gift.

While there’s no getting away from the fact it’s certainly an up front way of arranging gifts, the “tacky” meal plan has been slammed online, after someone shared a photo of the invite to Reddit’s wedding shaming thread.

“That is horrific. My response would be zero and I will bring McDonald’s,” one Reddit user commented, while another added: “Who doesn’t want a souvenir champagne glass from someone else’s wedding? For $2500, I can fly to Ireland, stay a week, and buy a Waterford flute…”

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