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Correlation between wristwatches and masculinity

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In the early 19th century, the wristwatch was considered as another piece of jewelry like jewelry laced accessories and shoes from Chamaripa Shoes(other women accessories you can wear) made exclusively for women. Currently, in this age and time, wristwatches like Princeton Watches are linked to men’s masculinity. In those days gone, men preferred pocket watches. 

This practice wasn’t a fashion decision that was based on gender or taste; there were actually reasons why men preferred to use pocket watches. Before the twentieth-century, watches were made of elements susceptible to elements like dust, heat, cold and moisture, which could bungle intricate parts of the watch, causing it to lose its accuracy. 

Men were more likely to face these elements as a result of their nature of job in government, military and business. More so, the nature of their jobs required them to be more conscious about timekeeping and keeping schedules. Hence the need for keeping pocket watches. For a man, having a pocket watch was beyond fashion but as a strategy for keeping up with schedules. The practice of keeping pocket watches continued for ages until men began to discover that pocket watches required free-hand to use-meaning that if they want to check the time, they need to reach out to their pocket and hold it in their hand to check the time. 

This began to be too cumbersome, especially for military men. Therefore soldiers began improvising wristwatches by using leathers to strap their pocket watches on their arm.

Seeing their men, especially soldiers, love strapping their pocket watches on their arms, several clock companies began creating wristwatches suited for this purpose in the late 19th century.

In the first of this new development, most men still preferred strapping their pocket watches on their arms to purchasing wristwatches. It took many years of restructuring and innovation before wristwatches began to find a permanent place on the wrists of men.

Why wear a wristwatch

With the advancement in technology where you can check the time using your smartphone, you might want to ask why wearing a wristwatch is still important. Here are some of the reasons. Men have different reasons for wearing wristwatches, but let’s consider some of the general reasons.

Wristwatches look classic

Wristwatches are designed with good looks in mind. They’re one piece of jewelry that can be worn every day. When matched correctly, a classic well-designed wristwatch can add a bit of swag and good looks to your overall outfit. The interesting thing about wristwatches is that because they come in different varieties, you can develop a collection that suits all your outfits.

Wristwatches signal personality/status

In the olden days, instead of relying on characteristics like physique and height to determine the personality and status of individuals, people started using factors like clothing and jewelry to determine such. Early wristwatches were expensive, and only the rich could afford them. Now one of the easiest ways to signal status with a wristwatch is to invest in a high-end luxury variety

Wristwatches are timeless and feels good

Wristwatches do not just look good, but they make you feel good also. Because of their lifelong association with wars and adventurous pursuits like driving, flying and racing, wristwatches are associated with men’s masculinity.