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Beckley spa wants everyone to feel beautiful | Money

The aestheticians at a new medical spa in Beckley aim to transport guests to their happiest and most beautiful place.

Harvey Aesthetics and Wellness at 103 Beckley Plaza was designed with a universal vision to help every person in southern West Virginia and beyond to feel and look their personal best, spa director Abby Honaker said.

“We don’t want you to just walk in,” she said. “We want you to feel like you’ve been transported somewhere.

“We want you to feel special,” added Honaker. “Down to the last detail, nothing was spared at all.”

From the chic, modern decor to development of the spa’s own product line, no detail has been skimped, said Honaker. She and the owners, Dr. Greg and Shawna Harvey, want everyone to have a luxury experience at the spa.

“From our equipment down to the trash can, everything was meticulous in where and how it was going to look. It was not settling for anything and just trying to bring the best of everything,” she noted.

The spa offers a variety of medical cosmetic procedures, currently performed by Harvey, and spa treatments from a carefully assembled team of aestheticians, said Honaker.

Amber Hamrick will provide waxing and sugaring services including brows, lip and chin, arms, full leg, Brazilian and bikini.

Alexa Vandall is a brow and lash specialist, offering lash lift and tinting, lash extensions, microblading and brow tinting.

Luke Kleman, who worked at The Greenbrier before coming to the spa, gives a variety of massages, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, hot stone and ayurved head. He also offers body scrub and wraps and Herbal Cellulitec treatments.

A number of spa facial services are available, including Organic Eminence Skin Correction Facial, Gemstone Collections, dermaplaning, microdermasion, hydrodermabrasion, custom facials and chemical peels.

Medical grade services, which Dr. Harvey performs, run the gamut from injectables like Juvederm, Botox, Kiss Me Lips, Custom Lips and PDO Smooth Threads — an innovative service that Harvey said involves placing filaments below the surface of the skin, in places with deep creasing.

The threads can help with the production of collagen, which plumps out the skin and makes it look more youthful.

“It fills those areas up naturally,” he explained. “It can be used in different areas in the face and even in the neck area, where people have loose or sagging skin.

“You can place these threads, and they can actually allow your body to produce collagen, and it can firm the skin as well.”

Microneedling is another popular service that is done in a series of at least three treatments and can stimulate collagen production, he added.

“We have a machine that actually causes small penetrations in the skin,” he said. “It’s actually fairly easy to do but it actually stimulates your body to produce collagen in the face and neck areas.

“That’s been a big hit with a lot of women.”

It isn’t just women who like to feel good about their appearance.

“Men are more concerned about appearances now than they probably ever have been, and a lot of these treatments pertain to them, as well,” said Harvey. “We have quite a few male patients who receive Botox, and they actually do have dermal fillers.

“Everybody wants to look as youthful and refreshed as possible, and men are starting to notice that their face changes as well, and so they’re becoming more acceptable to some of these cosmetic treatments.

“When a person comes into Harvey Aesthetics, nobody really knows what they’re going in for,” said Dr. Harvey. “We don’t tell anybody.

“Everything is clearly confidential. We offer massage therapy as well, so it’s very private.”

Botox is also used as treatment for migraines and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain in the jaw.

Honaker said that, after a procedure, guests have a choice. They may purchase a specially blended product that was developed by the spa team for Harvey Aesthetics guests or Organic Eminence, a Canadian brand.

She said Organic Eminence was chosen for its all-natural composition.

To develop a line that worked exclusively with the products and procedures Harvey Aeshetics offers, Honaker said the spa worked with a cosmetic laboratory to develop the Harvey Aesthetics product line, which is available only at the spa.

Harvey said guests may call the office to set up a private consultation.


Harvey’s family are longtime stalwarts of the Beckley fashion, beauty and cosmetic industry, operating Harvey’s Wig Villa and Beauty Salon at the Plaza Mall. For years, the family also owned Harvey’s Bridal.

“For me, I get a lot of satisfaction from making people feel better about themselves,” said Dr. Harvey, a dentist. “Whether it be from dental treatment or this more aesthetic setting.

“I’ve always had that around me, ever since I was a small kid.”

Honaker, who recently trained as an aesthetician through New River Community and Technical College, said Dr. Harvey was a longtime friend who had approached her with his idea of opening a spa, shortly before she had completed the program. The spa came about at a serendipitous time in her own life.

She wants as many people as possible to partner with Harvey Aesthetics and Wellness to meet their aesthetic goals.

The spa also offers membership packages that allow guests to receive discounts every month that they get a service.

“It can not only save your money, but it can help us reach your goal because it’s going to keep you consistent in coming in,” said Honaker. “We want this to be something for everyone in the community.

“We want this to be something people can utilize and take advantage of. We’re hoping people will love it as much as we do.”

The spa is available for private parties, and bridal party packages are available.

Dr. Harvey noted that Covid has caused beauty and health issues, like skin break-outs along the mask line. 

“They’re doing televised Zoom calls and teams meetings,” he added. “They see themselves in a different light than they normally see themselves, and so now their concerns are basically on their video face, and some of these things they never paid attention to are starting to show up, and they’re wanting to improve their appearance.”

Covid has been hard on everyone, said Honaker.

“Everybody’s going through a really hard time right now (with Covid),” she said. “Our ultimate goal is to treat these conditions and heal them, so if you need something to be more aesthetically pleasing, to make you feel more confident, that’s what we’re here for.

“We’re using all modalities to get to that point.” 

Teachers have had a particularly challenging time. She said every educator in Raleigh County will receive a $25 gift card.

“We’re hoping they’ll come in and use them,” she said. “When you walk in there, you feel like what you’re getting is worth it, because we care about everything.”

She added that Eleni Georgopoulos designed the spa interior.

Consultations may be made by calling 304-527-8887.