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Altar’d State introduces Arula: a new name and a new day for mid-size and plus-size fashion | News

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Altar’d State, a rapidly growing women’s fashion retailer with more than 120 boutiques in 37 states, unveils Arula, the new name for the brand formerly known as A’Beautiful Soul. Arula is a unique mid-size and plus-size fashion brand that caters to women sizes 10-24 by providing a curated shopping experience. Arula means “shining as the sun, brilliant and filled with grace,” The ethos of Arula is “Inspired by Beauty.”

“We value our guests above all, and what we heard from them is that the old name had some negative implications, and that’s not how we want our guests to feel,” said Dana Seguin, Arula chief marketing officer. “We always want our guests to feel beautiful, inspired and uplifted in every way, and we know that words matter. After reflecting on this feedback, we realized that we needed a new name, one that more accurately reflects what we stand for.”

Arula seeks to erase industry standards and raise the bar for the mid-size and plus-size shopping experience. The new boutiques offer an immersive shopping experience designed to engage the shopper’s senses: what she sees, what she hears, what she smells. Seguin and her team believe  in “the mood-boosting power of beautiful things,” that feeling beautiful has a halo effect, and that true connection is brought about when people lift each other up. As a brand, Arula aspires to help its customers leave the store feeling better than when they walked in.

“A great outfit can change your mood, and great jeans make great days,” Seguin added. 

Altar’d State plans to grow the Arula brand and to expand into new markets. A new, fully expressed in-store shopping experience will come to life in October as the company opens the first of many stand-alone Arula locations. Online, the goal is to deliver an amazing experience that shoppers can connect with anywhere, featuring models of different sizes, easy outfitting tools and a top-notch guest service that will set Arula apart.

“As a brand, we strive to be authentic and to always listen to our guest. She is at the center of everything we do. That is why we have changed our name, but not the clothing our guest has grown to love,” said Kim Parr, Arula vice president of merchandizing.

“This brand started from the heart,” said Aaron Walters, chairman and CEO of Altar’d State, Arula and Vow’d. “I have memories as a child shopping with my mother and seeing her break down and cry from never being able to find anything to wear. That stuck with me and has driven us to create beautiful options for those who have not had options in the past. 67% of women only have 3% of the floor space in shopping centers, and we are going to change this.”

Arula caters to women sizes 10-24, providing a curated shopping destination at the intersection of fashion and community. Quite simply, Arula wants to provide the beautiful environment mid-size and plus-size customers have always longed for, whether shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, a bohemian dress, a great necklace or decor that brings joy and light to the home. Aurla’s guest is a 25 to 35-year-old female who wants to be seen for her beauty, has a passion for giving back and has a love of fashion. Arula currently has 17 boutiques in 14 states, with more on the way (including stand-alone boutiques opening fall 2021), plus a brand-new online experience. For more information, visit arula.com.

Altar’d State is a rapidly growing women’s fashion brand with 120 locations in 37 states. It feels like a sanctuary—a place of beauty from the inside out. From welcoming experiences and warm associates who make guests feel special, to thoughtfully curated products in-store and online, the brand is built upon the founding principles of giving back and making a difference in the world. Beauty that draws you in, a heart that keeps you coming back. For more information, visit https://www.altardstate.com/.

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Altar’d State, Arula and Vow’d are a family of brands that brings together a love for fashion and caring for others. Every day, its mission is to help the less fortunate and make a difference in the world.