21/04/2024 3:02 PM


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3 Reasons why Logo Stickers are still effective for branding

Maybe you think logo stickers have lost their spark. After all, they have been around for decades. How can they still be relevant?

We are here to tell you exactly that. There is a reason logo stickers are still around: because they work. Modern custom printing opens new doors for what you can do with your logo stickers.

Are you interested? Then we have three reasons why logo stickers are still effective for branding.

1. They’re affordable and easy to produce

This is perhaps the most appealing reason to use logo stickers as a branding tool. They are relatively inexpensive to produce, which makes them ideal for businesses on a tight budget.

In fact, when you order your custom stickers in bulk, you often only pay a few pence for your stickers, despite them being made especially for you.

On top of that, logo stickers can be easily produced in large quantities, making them perfect for mass marketing campaigns. You can even fully customise them and create a custom die cut sticker that will stand out without increasing the price per sticker.

2. They can be customised to fit your brand’s unique style

Being fully customisable means that you can create stickers that will fit every aspect of your specific brand, from the stickers’ shape and size to the material and the artwork you want to design.

This makes logo stickers such a powerful branding tool: they are unique to your brand in every aspect, and they will speak to your ideal customers base. This helps to create a stronger brand identity and reinforces your company’s branding message.

You can even spice this up a bit and choose an effect material like a custom gold vinyl sticker to add a luxurious touch to your brand.

3. They’re a great way to increase brand awareness

The power of logos remains unbroken. They function as visual shortcuts to your brand. When customers see your logo sticker on a product, it helps to create top-of-mind awareness and strengthens the connection between them and your company.

This even works pre-purchase: expose consumers to your logo, and they will become familiar with your brand and remember you when it is time to make a purchase. This can lead to more sales and increased brand loyalty over time.

If you want to get the most out of your stickers, give them away for free! Consumers associate positive emotions with your brand through a gift like free stickers and are more likely to use your stickers on their laptops and phones.

There you have it. Logo stickers are still a great way to strengthen your company’s branding and increase brand awareness. They’re affordable, easy to produce, and can be customised to fit your specific brand style.